In addition to the obvious (feeling great!), Sex has been proven to be extremely beneficial for both mind and body when it comes to health. Sex is linked to a higher level of self-esteem, improved immunity, enhanced intimacy, better bladder control, lower blood pressure, stress reduction and improved sleep.

Scientists all agree that a healthy sex life is a key component of a healthy and thriving life. Being active sexually has a number of benefits for your mind and body. Here’s how sex keeps you healthy.

Improved Immunity

According to Yvonne K. Fulbright, a reputable sexual health expert, sexually active people are less prone to diseases and take fewer days off. People who have regular sex with their spouses have three times as much immunoglobin A than people who have no sex or have sex less than once a week.

For a stronger immune system, it is recommended to have sex at least three times a week. In addition to that, you mustn’t ignore the standard advice:

– Stay active

– Eat right

– Exercise on a regular basis

– Get enough sleep

Enjoy Good Hormones

It goes without saying that when you get aroused, the blood flow in your pelvic area increased. During sexual intercourse, oxytocin and endorphins are both released in the body. Oxytocin is the love hormone, increasing by up to five times during sex. Once oxytocin increases, it leads to an increase of endorphins, which are those good hormones that soothe your nerve impulses and prevent migraines, cramps and joint pains.

Once oxytocin and endorphins are released in your body, you will experience fewer migraines which will lead to a more active sexual life. In addition to these two hormones, you can enjoy many more positive hormones when practicing sexual intercourse.

Both testosterone and estrogen levels go up exponentially. While testosterone helps men to enjoy fortified muscles and bones, high levels of estrogen protect women against heart disease and make them more sentimental. When combined with estrogen, testosterone in women enables them to have a higher desire of penetration.

Improves Bladder Control

Intercourse is especially helpful for women, helping to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle. This enables women to enjoy an improved bladder control. The same applies to men. To enjoy this benefit even more, you can start practicing Kegel exercises. Here’s a quick guide to do that:

Lowers Blood Pressure

Joseph J. Pinzone, the CEO of Amai Welness, has pinpointed a number of studies which all prove that sexual intercourse in marriage lowers systolic blood pressure. However, this benefit does not apply for masturbation or for sex outside of marriage.

Reduces Pain

Another amazing health benefit of having an active sexual life is that this practice is a natural pain reliever. The good hormones which are being released during sexual intercourse, namely endorphins and oxytocin, reduce back pain and leg pain, while protecting you from cramps, headaches and arthritis.

Improves Sleep

As a woman, you should never take it personally if your husband starts snoring after spending some quality time with you. The same applies to men. Truth be told, that intense relaxation feeling you have right after the climax can make you doze off faster, leading to better and deeper sleep.

Reduces Stress

Back in 2010, Brazil’s Prime Minister himself recommended sex as one of the top 10 fixes for the huge blood pressure and stress issues in the nation. According to a study performed by a group of researchers from the University of Virginia in 2009, people who are sexually active, the endorphins and other hormones released during sexual intercourse boost your self esteem, reduce stress levels and make you enjoy life once again.

The Bottom Line

Most of the above benefits can only be experienced within the safe covenant of marriage, because in it both partners feel safe, appreciated and loved. For women this is extremely important, as they need to have the assurance that they are loved and will continue to be desired, not just for one night, but for every single night until the rest of their lives.

In addition to the benefits listed above, sexual intercourse is the catalyst of a happier mood, a more glowing skin, a higher level of self-esteem and more creativity thorough the day.

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